Drive a thriving PPC campaign for your dental website

on June 14, 2017

Since more and more people are now searching for dentists over the internet, it has become vital that practices be found in search engine results pages. Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the best method to drive targeted traffic to a dental website and put it in front of potential patients searching for dentists in an area.

Benefits of PPC for dental websites

An effective PPC campaign can, most definitely, improve a dental website’s visibility in search engine results pages. This is achieved with the help of strategically designed creative ads and messages that hold marketing appeal for the patients. An efficiently designed PPC campaign can boost dental practice to new heights and can maximize its profitability.

Tips to gain maximum through a PPC campaign

Make your PPC advertising campaign work effectively by:

  • Creating appealing ads:

    Your dental campaign ads. Should be well written and may say something like “Gift yourself a beautiful smile” or “enhance your beauty with a wonderful smile” etc. You may also design display advertisements to endorse your services.

  • Promoting your campaign on mobile:

    Ads are mostly designed from the desktop user point of view. However, there has also been a speedy growth in the mobile-targeted ads over the last few years as more and more users are now searching for dental services using their mobile devices. Your PPC campaign must prioritize the needs of mobile users.

  • Targeting local population:

    Unless you are offering national services, you would like to promote your dental practice amongst the local population. Why pay for the views when the viewer is unable to reach you on your location and why spend money on clicks that won’t be able to turn into sales? A focus on local search will maximize the impact of your PPC campaign.

Lastly, in order to attract more patients through a successful PPC advertising campaign, it is important to be creative and design from the patient’s point of view and focus on what they actually want from you by creating solutions that can meet their needs. Hire a Google Certified PPC campaign specialist today! HTI can design a rewarding PPC campaign for your practice. Call us at (973)889-0030 and get the most out of your PPC campaign.