Voice-Over-IP Telephones-Can this technology benefit your practice?

Benefits of VOIP for healthcare practices

on January 18, 2017

With internet speeds now reaching new heights and reliability becoming more consistent, hosted technology solutions are becoming more of a standard in today’s dental practice. One of the largest product segments being rolled out at a tremendous rate, are Voice-Over-IP Telephone Systems, otherwise known as VOIP. IP Telephone is a voice communication system that works through your local area network and is connected with Internet. With these advanced systems, your practice telephones are no longer just a communication device; but have become a business tool. Picking a new phone system to replace your old, outdated technology now calls for a better business understanding that requires partnering with specialists who can offer the right technology with so many benefits to practices of all sizes

Benefits of VOIP for a healthcare practice:

IP Telephone, the enabling technology helps businesses explore the benefits of convergence. Some of these benefits are:

  • Cost savings: By routing the long distance calls via internet permits your business to achieve tremendous cost savings. A thoughtful execution and conversion to the VoIP can let your practice reap extensive operational advantages including cost savings.
  • Integration of a variety of services on a single platform: VOIP allow the aggregation of many technologies into a single network of linked devices. You can enjoy features of telephone, e-mail, voice-mail and instant messaging services through a unified communication system. Whatever medium your patients or staff selects to deliver or to receive a message, VOIP will ensure that it is handled in a consistent manner.
  • Elimination of telephone wiring and scalability: IP telephone systems can be connected directly to your standard computer network port which makes the movement of extensions much easy by eliminating the phone wiring. In case you want to add more phone lines/extensions to your network, your standard computer would be able to cater to a large number of telephone lines and extensions making your telephone network extension much easier than you could even imagine. In addition to that, you can take your IP Telephone with you anywhere in the world, connect it to the Internet, and work as if you never left your office.
  • Control your marketing campaigns: IP Telephone, apart from deflating your phone bill, gives you immense control on your communications by implementing marketing response control tools. It allows you to create virtual dedicated phone numbers that can be directed towards dedicated marketing staff and keep a tap on specific marketing campaigns and get a better handle on your advertising dollars.

Install a VOIP telephone system for your practice if you are paying a hefty monthly long distance call bill for the multiple locations of your practice, for managing marketing campaigns, for staff working off-site on a routine basis or for using the e-mail/voice-mail extensively. You may not feel the need to opt for this upgrade now, but you will surely be using it as the technology marches into the future. Call HTI for a no-obligation, no-charge consultation today.