A Stitch In Time Saves Nine!!

Monitoring and Maintenance of systems made easy

on November 08, 2016

Sounds great, right?! Well, thanks to HTI’s leading technical services in the dental community, it is now possible for you to sit back and relax. HTI can completely take over the responsibility of routine management and maintenance of your computer systems and network. They free you from costly and frustrating computer issues, disasters and security threats and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a highly professional and a fully equipped IT department.

Advantages of HTI’s monitoring and maintenance solutions:

  • Eliminates expensive repairs and recovery costs: Our systems and network monitoring services help identify issues while they are small and manageable.
  • Saves expensive trip fees spent on receiving quick support: Through our remote monitoring and maintenance support, we can resolve most of your network problems without having to visit your office. Experience instant resolution to most of your IT challenges!
  • Experience faster performance with minimal downtime: Our preventive maintenance and monitoring will ensure that your computers and network stay up-to-date with security protections, offer good speed, increase dependability and performance.
  • Enjoy an experienced support staff: As a Premium Network Service client, you will gain an easy access to our trained support for any IT issue or problem, whenever you need us.
  • No hidden charges or disclaimers: No more expensive and unexpected network maintenance bills. You will be able to budget your IT support costs and invest your savings with predictable, monthly subscription pricing.
  • We safeguard your data compliantly: You can sleep well as HTI is there to ensure that your systems are maintained and your data is secure at all times. If you rely on your computer systems to carry out your daily operations, then rely on HTI to protect your critical information.
  • Enjoy an incredible peace of mind: As a Practice owner, you already have patients to take care and a Practice to grow. Why not let HTI take care of everything pertaining to your systems and network so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your Practice.
  • A stitch in time, saves nine! Hurry now if you really want to say goodbye to your network challenges and reliability issues. Receive our free Network Evaluation today and get a better understanding of your network and our services.