Can’t ignore the significance of Pay Per Click(PPC) for an SMB

Pay Per Click is what your practice needs

on October 14, 2016

Do you remember when you last searched local yellow pages to look for a new services company for your practice? Also, as a dentist looking for new patients, you had to make your ad large enough and attractive enough to separate yourself from the 100’s of other worthwhile providers in your town. In modern times, those yellow pages are created as local internet directories and the new medium that manages their advertising is called Pay Per Click (PPC).

Why PPC is beneficial for SMB?

If you are a small practice owner, there are many reasons why you should consider allocating marketing budget for a PPC campaign. Just a few are:

  • Drives highly targeted traffic to your site: Spending money on direct marketing and other kinds of advertising may not be able to divert the right type of traffic to your practice’s website. However, PPC will allow your ad to appear to those prospective patients who are actively and seriously searching for the type of healthcare services you provide.

  • Tracking made easy: With old marketing techniques such as flyers, brochures, television advertisements etc.,it was difficult to track down and measure results of a marketing campaign . However, with Pay Per Click advertising it has become quite easy and convenient to get a follow up on each and every aspect of your campaign.

  • Performance based payment: PPC charges you only when a visitor performs an action (For example, by clicking on your ad) .Clicking on your ad. indicates that the visitor is not just actively searching for the type of business you do but also liked your advertisement enough to have clicked on it

Tips to managing a PPC campaign

The following tips can be useful for you while managing a PPC campaign for your practice:

  • Identify a search engine to advertise on:You have an option to choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN that are used for 90% of the total searches.

  • Select relevant keywords and phrases: Your keywords and phrases will highlight when and how you want your ad to appear on the search engine .You might want to add your location as well such as “dental practices in California”.

  • Decide your monthly Pay Per Click budget: You need to specify a set dollar amount (on a daily or on a monthly basis) to be spent on the PPC for your practice

When executed properly, PPC can surely lead to new patients and can act as a profit builder for any practice. But like anything having to do with marketing, it demands time and effort and can quickly become a full time job. Therefore, if you feel the need of running a PPC campaign for your practice but do not have the time and energy to manage it on your own, many trustworthy companies including HTI can help you tackle this project. Call HTI and get connected to strengthen your business using Pay Per Click or visit